The Live program we offer has been created to help players who prefer to bet their money on live bets, to increase their success rates and winning bets.

What are the success rates of the program?
The success rate of the program ranges from 50% to much higher than 70%

In which sport can be used?
The program is designed for live football betting.

Does it give prognosis to each match?
No, the algorithm is designed to calculate and offer the safest betting options with the most chances of success. If it is estimated that the match you are interesting in is risking, it will show you the indication No Bet.

How does the betting player know that a prediction is possible or at risk?
Next to each approach, you see an indication of how likely it is to win the bet.

No bet  In this case, it is prohibitive to bet, as there is enough risk and a great chance of losing the bet.

Risky indicates that there is a slight lead to verify this approach,
but this does not mean that it is appropriate for a strong bet. In fact, bets with this mark have a 50% - 60% verification.

Value is displayed, the bet offered is worth betting. Bets in this case have elevated verification rates. They range from 60% to 70%.

Gold indicates that the bet is proposed has the most chances of verification. More specifically, bets accompanied by “Gold” are verified by more than 70%.

What kind of Betting predicts the program?

The program specializes in “Total Goals Over / Under”, “Draw No Bet”, “3 Way Final Result 1-X-2” and “Double Chance”.

In which soccer leagues the algorithm has the best success rates?
Our program has been successfully tested in the most of the world’s championships.

Useful tips for greater efficiency:

The program you take in your hands is a real weapon to betting companies. By correctly using this application, you will see how you will substantially increase your winnings and the number of your winning bets.

Pay close attention to details as it plays a huge role in properly using the application. The statistics you need to enter must be entered only at half time. It’s very important. Only when the first half of the game is over and before the second half starts. Not earlier, nor later. Not towards the end of the 1st half, and not at the start of the 2nd half. Only in the time between the two halves. That means by following these options, you also have more chances of long-term profit.

This of course does not mean that the points marked “RISKY” are not worthwhile, we simply advise you on the specific bets on betting where the odds offered are satisfactory and you think they deserve the risk of being betting.

What is the data that needs to be imported to produce the possible results from your software?

The specific algorithm we offer is the only algorithm in the world that gives it only Ball possession, Total shots  & Total Goals of each team in the 1st half, can produce safe conclusions and possible results.

These 3 statistics are needed to give you the approaches and increase your profits.

Do not hesitate and trust him. Take the power in your hands!

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