How do I subscribe?

To subscribe to our vip service you will need to contact us and let us know if you prefer to receive the game we recommend in your email or if you prefer via telegram

You can contact sending us a message through telegram @betnumbersgrcontact

Regarding the games that we publish in the VIP category, they are matches that show, after statistical analysis, that they have a bet with increased chances of verification.

Usually there is a game every day, but there are also cases where we don't have a strong game every day.

What is the performance of the bets in the vip category?
There is no upper return limit from the recommended bets, but the minimum recommended ones have values of 1.70

We guarantee long-term profit through the tips of the vip category!

The payment method is exclusively via PayPal and the cost is 

1 Week: 30€, 
2 Weeks: 50€, 1 Month: 80€

* About M-pesa & Paypal

The service is provided by Thunes in partnership with Safaricom and PayPal. This is a money transfer service for joint PayPal and M-PESA customers that enables customers to move funds between their own M-PESA accounts and PayPal accounts.

With PayPal, customers can top up and withdraw funds in US-Dollars (USD) only; customer can manage their M-PESA account in Kenya shillings only.

If a customer has multiple currencies in the PayPal account, they will need to convert the funds into US-Dollars if they wish to withdraw the PayPal balance to the M-PESA account. To convert the funds, go to the "Manage Currencies" section in the PayPal account.


About us

Betnumbers offers free daily bet tips on football (soccer) games all over the world with over 65% success rate.

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