Sports betting: Lucky game or investment ?

by George Tzounakas :

Sports betting is difficult for many, not to play, but to determine. It's not a game. A gambler sees it as a game.

A person who has accepted defeat sees it as a game. Sports betting is an opportunity for some, but a trap for others.

The big question is what is it for you?

I can assure you, this is not an easily answered question; the answer will come to each one of you as a realisation, with time and experience, after preoccupying yourselves with this... sport.

In Sports betting, the player's character comes up to the surface and sometimes gives the player, consciously or subconsciously, inspiration that leads to profits or to wrong choices that most times cost.

A player with self-respect doesn't blame their bad choices to anybody or anything else, they know it's their fault. When I say ''wrong choices'' I mean the bets that have absolutely nothing to do with the result.

On one hand, when we have chosen to bet on Over 2,5 and there have been no opportunities for goals in the particular game, and the final score ends up being 0-0, 0-1, or 1-0, we talk about a wrong choice.
On the other hand, when we have chosen to bet on Over 2,5 and the final score of the game is 1-0, 0-1, 1-1, when there's been at least one goal, while more opportunities for goals have been created, then it's not a wrong choice. We lost the bet but our choice was relevant to the general picture of the game.

That's why I say that we need to check the stats of the game we're betting on.

It's the only way to know whether the prediction was right and if it had winning prospects.

Sports betting may not be a lucky game but it's often that luck plays a definitive part, sometimes favouring us, sometimes not.

Those who see Sports betting as an investment are on the right track and they're the ones most likely to come out as winners of this preoccupation.

Stability is the main characteristic of any successful investment.
For any investment to be successful, it needs to be stable. Stable winning cannot be immediate, though. It requires time.
It's what we call longterm winning. Longterm winning requires patience, something that most people don't have, and that's why the investment is likely to fall apart.

Ask yourselves, then, are you the kind of people who see Sports betting as a lucky game that can make them rich in no time, or the kind that considers this an investment and want to live by investing in sporting events that can be profitable?

To those of you who belong in the first category, good luck. You're going to need it. To those of you who belong in the second, don't abandon this way of thinking, because if you do, it's hard to get it back.

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