Messi shows that 2018 will be the Year of the GOAT

Real Madrid and Ronaldo have overtaken them in 2017, but they will attend the new year Messi and Barcelona will be responsible.

That you've seen about how to start your New Year's right. Start a certain song at a certain time, for example, and the critical part will kick in the stroke of midnight.

Well, if you start watching Barcelona to beat the Clasico on Real Madrid specifically 22:47 and 41 seconds on New Year's Eve, when the midnight clock hits you'll see something very special.

Lionel Messi through the ball Luis Suarez in the build up to the second goal in Barcelona was another, perhaps, a little less appreciation due to the quarrel that got raised seconds later.

If you cherish the scarcity of Messi's talent, is not the best way to start celebrations.

So, go ahead and start your New Year's right. Recovers one of the best moments of one of the best individual performances of the year. Ring in 2018 with an example of the strength of man who is undoubtedly the best player in the world.

Any newcomer to the sport and based their knowledge only on what they saw in the Clasico would be puzzling if they were asked by any better player – Messi or Cristiano Ronaldo.

"The man with the air kick?" They may ask. It does not seem to be a serious issue.

It is difficult to determine the distance between Real Madrid and No. 10 in Barcelona today. One statistical site rated Messi's performance as an ideal 10.0.

In the run-up to the first goal, observers wondered how the center line in Madrid could become fully open while Ivan Rakit wandered through it. It was because Matteo Kovacic was picking Messi closely and was scared to death of leaving him away from sight of him for the second season he would take to intercept his Croatian colleague. This is the size of the Argentine threat.

Thus, the scant genius was able to wear the curtain in 2017, where his opponent Ronaldo carried all the awards, highlights and the greatest number of goals with a screen presented a reminder worthy of its effectiveness.

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