Platinum Tips: Our service is available for up to 200 subscribers

Platinum Tips
Twelve years of hard working and monitoring the betting market helped us to create this unique product


Platinum Tips


We welcome you to the most completed prediction service you can find on our website.

Through our Platinum tips service, we can guarantee stable long-term profit.

Unfortunately for some, not everyone can join this service. We essentially create a closed club of subscribers who will be able to earn steadily from sports betting.

Our service is available for up to 200 subscribers.

We mention features that the method we follow the subscribers, a net profit of 36% from the amount of their initial capital available to start betting.

Here is a sample of the earnings according to the capital available to everyone.


Initial available capital Net profit in 30 days Profit rate
20€ 7€ 36%
30€ 11€ 36%
40€ 14€ 36%
50€ 18€ 36%
100€ 36€ 36%
150€ 54€ 36%
200€ 72€ 36%
250€ 90€ 36%
500€ 180€ 36%


  • Note how our service manages your money in any currency from any country you subscribe to.


We guarantee that in the way we bet you do not endanger the Initial Available Fund at any time of your subscription.

How can you sign up for this service?

  • A prerequisite is that the total number of subscribers does not exceed 200. When the positions are filled in, new subscriber requests for service registration are placed on a waiting list.
  • It is necessary to declare an initial available capital so that the current available capital is calculated daily.
  • In the event that the subscriber does not follow the entire bet method, with a certain amount and the way the bets are placed, deleted from the service.
  • When subscribing to the service, a message with hypothetical matches is posted to the subscriber concerned, in which he has to answer how he will check to see if he has realized how to bet as a subscriber. Those who do not follow the method of betting in their answer are not accepted in our service.
  • The cost of the service is 20 € / month and be paid in advance for the next 30 days.
  • "What happens if I lost my Initial available capital ?" You will not lose it, we guarantee it! If you do not follow the bet method, you will be automatically deleted from the subscribers list.
  • The tips of this package come either in your email or via a facebook message.

If you agree to all of the above, please send us your application here  with a message title " Platinum tips"

Thank you for your time and the confidence you show us,

Yours sincerely, Betting Team


*You can pay via Bank Transfer, PayPal

**under no circumstances we will provide refunds

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